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My First Solo Camp Aged 14 And Still Hiking My Own Hike.

As a traditional hiker and, traditionally, a solo hiker for over 30 years I have always hiked my own hike before I even heard of the expression ‘Hike Your Own Hike’. By ‘traditional hiker’ I mean that I have hiked using whatever clothing and gear that I could both afford and carry without putting too […]

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Gear Review: The Lichfield Treklite 200 Technical Tent

I purchased the Lichfield Treklite 200 tent in 2008 and have spent over 230 nights in it (as of 04/05/2014], 10 of which were consecutive as well as many 2-nighter’s. I have camped in various weather conditions through all seasons and in different countries using this tent and this is my simple review based on […]