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Book Review: Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles – Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail by Chris Townsend

Way back in 1982, at the tender age of 15, I attempted my very first long distance hike and backpacking adventure – The Pennine Way – England’s first designated National Trail. I was inspired by a man who has since become arguably the UK’s premier authority on long distance hiking and backpacking  Chris Townsend.  In the same year […]


Hiking with the old acorn lady.

HIKING WITH THE OLD ACORN LADY She knows the green cavern Through which we walk From Springer Mountain To the caribou loam of Maine, She sees rocks release Ancient reserves of moonlight And bathes herself in the glow, Hears frogs pray for rain, Sees beans and squash in bloom Where I see only straw. A […]

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PilgrimChris Dot Com is moving home!

Moving to WordPress. I have been using Blogger for a number of years to host my personal blog and, after months of deliberation, I have finally decided to move my blog to WordPress. “But why?” I hear you cry. Well perhaps I don’t hear that at all, but I will tell you anyway. If you […]

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Gear Review: Hi-Tec Eurotrek Waterproof Men’s Walking Boots

(Hi-Tec EuroTrek Waterproof Men’s Boot)   Footwear. We all know the importance of having the right footwear for walking and hiking and, with so many options available it can be – no, it IS – very difficult to find the correct footwear for our needs. And as our needs differ from person to person and […]

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Happy Simply Walking The Path

    To say my life over the past few years has been a roller-coaster is no understatement, yet how many people would say differently about their own lives? It’s true, that for periods of time, life seems to just amble along through the familiar landscape of work, family life and sleep. But there is […]

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Book Review: The Cape Wrath Trail by Iain Harper – A Cicerone Guide 1st Edition

Trek the Cape Wrath Trail with a Cicerone Guidebook “Cape Wrath Trail is a hiking route that runs through the Scottish Highlands and along the west coast of Scotland. It is approx. 200 miles in length and is considered to be one of the most challenging long distance walks in the UK. Despite not being […]

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My Adventures: Breaking In A Wild Camping Virgin

A friend’s first wild camp A few weeks ago a Twitter friend of mine, Rucksack Rose, put a post on Google Plus asking if anyone would like to join her for a camping weekend – more specifically, a wild camping weekend. Now as quite an experienced hiker RucksackRose recently completed a solo hike of the […]