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‘High And Low’ by @KeithFoskett: #BooksForFollowers Giveaway No.1

My first #BooksForFollowers Giveaway book is the excellent High and Low by Keith Foskett.

This book is special to me on a few levels… not least because Fozzie signed it for me. I’ve read all of Fozzie’s books; I have them in digital format and his audiobooks too, but this one resonated on a more personal level. And because of it I now count Keith as a friend.

As you can see from the message Fozzie wrote me inside the book he asks me to help spread the word. This wasn’t a plea to simply help promote his book, but rather an invitation to talk openly about depression and to share ways in which to manage it. You see… I share a similar form of depression with Fozzie, or at least, suffer similar effects.

However, this isn’t a book about depression. Rather it’s a journey. Or two journeys that became one journey. A journey across Scotland, hiking and backpacking through some of the UK’s wildest terrains and a journey of the mind, navigating through the wilderness and discovery of depression.

It’s funny, thoughtful and offers one man’s insight into more than the physical terrain he travels through: you will feel rewarded for reading High and Low.

For details on how you can enter the draw to receive this book for free read my post #BooksForFollowers Giveaway
Last date to enter the draw for this book is 15/01/2021. The lucky recipient will receive the actual signed book as shown in the picture above.

Good luck!

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When dealing with emotional baggage, it’s best to pack light.

Keith Foskett

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