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Gear Review: PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier – First Look

PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier


I was recently sent a PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier to test after I responded to a Tweet from @PurifiCup_eu alerting me to this ‘new to the UK’ water filtration system. I contacted PurifiCup® via email offering to test and review this intriguing water purification system during a two week hike and wild camp along the Pennine Way in April – an ideal situation to test a product such as this. This is a first look at the PurifiCup® and whilst I received the product at no financial cost to myself, PurifiCup® have insisted any reviews I do are to be an honest reflection of my thoughts and opinions about the PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier

Here is how PurifiCup® describe the Portable Natural Water Purifier

“With PurifiCup, you can enjoy convenient drinking water on-the-go. PurifiCup’s world-patented design uses a silver membrane filter to eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, and pathogens such as E.coli, giardia, crypto, etc. Utilizing the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of silver, bacteria are removed from water as it is filtered through PurifiCup’s exclusive silver membrane. There’s no need for boiling water after it is filtered and each filter provides up to 24 gallons (330 cups) of pure water. The PurifiCup’s absolute 1 micron filter will more consistently remove bacteria such as Crypto than a nominal filter.Besides the patented self-contained design and Anti-microbial abilities; The PurifiCup will produce the Best tasting Alkaline water at 7.2ph level thought-out its max capacity. Both a water filter and storage bottle PurifiCup is NSF, WRAS, SGS, and EEC Certified, BPA Free and used only FDA approved filtering and structural materials. It fits easily into your carry-on, back-pack, or handbag and requires no pumps, hoses, batteries or attachments. It can also be attached to filter into a standard water bottle. PurifiCup is also Earth-Friendly and cost-effective. Enjoy pure, worry -free water anywhere you go with PurifiCup! Our Patented design also allow users to filter directly into Popular Large Sports Bottles such as Nalgene, CamelBAK and most other generic bottles! Providing versatile options for everyone.”

So.. some impressive claims. As this is a ‘First Look’ review I can’t explore all the above claims in this post – I will look deeper into them after I have done some field tests – however, on a tap water filter test I can agree with the claim “The PurifiCup will produce the Best tasting Alkaline water….” – at least on the first half a dozen filtered cups I tried. The taste really is excellent with no trace of chlorine or that metallic taste you sometimes get from the tap in hard water areas like mine. The Natural Water Purifier filter I received really does produce a natural water taste without any residual chemical taste at all. However, as far as testing the taste and actual filtration of water, that’s as far as this initial review goes so lets look at the the filtering method used by the PurifiCup®


Nano-Silver Membrane Filter Technology


Unlike a lot of other water purification systems that use carbon as their main active filtering agent, the PurifiCup® uses a three stage filtering system with silver (Ag +) as it’s main active ingredient. The 3 stages of filtration used are: 1 – Ion exchange resin: Turn hard water into soft water by removing heavy metals (lead, copper, cadmium, mercury, etc) and calcareous (meganesium, calcium icons). 2 – Activated carbon: Remove chlorine and other organic odor including THM, organic solvent, and pesticides. 3 – Silver membrane: The membrane eliminates 99.99% of the pathogens in natural water sources such as streams, falls, creeks, and rivers. It is located on the inlet and exit of the filter circulation channel, preventing the filter cartridge from contamination. + Absolute 1 micron filter for additional layer of protection against bacteria. You can read more about the technology behind silver’s use as a filter here – Nano-Silver Filter Technology Facts

How To Use The PurifiCup®

The PurifiCup® is very simple to use. From new first of all wash the various components in normal water with a drop of washing up liquid then rinse thoroughly. Take the filter block and submerge in cold water until all the air bubbles are removed and then reassemble the unit. Here is a short video from PurifiCup® explaining the simple procedure of how to use the device when needed.

At just under 11 ounces (305 grams) and smaller than a can of lager the PurifiCup® fits nicely into a backpack/daypack bottle pocket and as the video above shows, it comes complete with it’s own seal-able drinking cup so you can stop for a drink and then filter another cup of water and carry it with you. You can also filter water directly into standard drinking bottles which is very handy!

I am looking forward to taking this compact and lightweight water purification system with me on the Pennine Way in a few days and putting it through it’s paces. I will do a full field test review of the PurifiCup® when I get back and you can read my thoughts in this blog. For now, as a first look, I am impressed with the PurifiCup®

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