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My First Solo Camp Aged 14 And Still Hiking My Own Hike.

As a traditional hiker and, traditionally, a solo hiker for over 30 years I have always hiked my own hike before I even heard of the expression ‘Hike Your Own Hike’. By ‘traditional hiker’ I mean that I have hiked using whatever clothing and gear that I could both afford and carry without putting too […]

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Right to Roam. Is it time for an Irish ‘Kinder Trespass’?

If, like me, you are used to walking and hiking with a certain freedom across the hills and valleys, through the fields and alongside the rivers of England, Scotland and Wales then you will be in for a shock should you ever visit Ireland for a walking holiday or backpacking adventure. ‘In Ireland you have […]

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Happy Simply Walking The Path

    To say my life over the past few years has been a roller-coaster is no understatement, yet how many people would say differently about their own lives? It’s true, that for periods of time, life seems to just amble along through the familiar landscape of work, family life and sleep. But there is […]