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#BooksForFollowers Giveaway.

Free Book Giveaway

Remember, a book is always a gift

Sheridan Hay

I’m giving away books!

The premise is simple. Once I’ve read a book I will send it, by post, to one of my followers free of charge.

If you would like to be in the draw for any of the books I give away then all you have to do is the following…

  • Follow me on Twitter @PilgrimChris
  • Like and Retweet my #BooksForFollowers Tweet containing information about the current book I’m giving away.
  • DM me on Twitter with the title of the book I’m currently giving away.

After 6 days from my tweet a name will be picked at random from those who have DM’ed me on Twitter following the above steps. I will then DM the person selected asking for details of where to send the book and I will post it on the next working day.

If you want to send a book of your choice by return that would be great – I will read it and then send it on via my #BooksForFollowers Giveaway. However, this is not compulsory!

If you want to pass on any books you receive via my #BooksForFollowers Giveaway after you’ve read it then that would be awesome. Again, this is not compulsory!

If you’re not interested in the current book I’d be very grateful if you would Retweet the relevant tweet anyway…. After all, someone you know might be interested in it 🙂

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